Juranek Home Improvement

For Over 35+ Years
At Juranek Home Improvement
We Have
Consistently Refused To Accept The
“Status Quo” Of Doing Business.

We Challenge That Status Quo Every Day By Choosing
Quality Over Expediency, Education Over
Intimidation, & Relationships Over Profit Making…

At Juranek Home Improvement

Good Enough Is Not Good Enough…
It Has To Be Perfect

High Pressure Sales Is Never Acceptable…
We Educate, You Decide

Profits Are Secondary…
Treating People Right Is Paramount

We are a full service Home Improvement remodeling Contractor located right in Sioux Falls, SD

Our central location allows us to service customers in Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota. We feature a wide variety of products for today's homeowner.

In our 35+ years in the remodeling industry we have seen many companies come and go.
In fact, for many, cutting corners is simply business as usual, accepting marginal work and calling it “Good Enough” is common practice.

Just taking the money and disappearing after the work is done is just par for the course. Unfortunately, you can still find plenty of contractors out there just like this.

It's A Family Business

A Family Works. Its Me, My Wife, My Son And My Brother all working together to make sure you are treated like family.

A Family Cares. Most customers’ standards are cosmetic because 80% of an installation is what they can’t see. Ours standards go way beyond just looks…even if you can’t see it, it’s still done right.

A Family Listens. You are part of this process, so we perform an extensive needs analysis to make sure your project is done exactly like you envisioned it.

A Family Calls. We don’t avoid you or ignore you. We call you every step of the way to let you know the status of your project…and sometimes it’s just to say hello.

A Family Protects. If we wouldn’t let a person work on our home why would we let them work on yours?

Treating you Like Family

Take for example the sales process. Our home improvement solutions are different.

The “status quo” is to force you and your significant other to sit through an hour’s long sales presentation and then do anything and everything to get you to sign the contract. We challenge the status quo by refusing to use high pressure sales.

In fact, we won’t even quote you a price until we have done a thorough needs analysis and presented to you at least several different options.

We educate, then you decide.

Or, take for example the “status quo” of ripping out your old windows and sticking in new ones with a couple of woods screws and some caulking and calling it “good enough”.

We challenge the status quo by categorically refusing to accept marginal work.

For example, we take the time to actually match the stain of your new windows to your existing home.

Bottom Line: if it isn’t perfect it isn’t done.

Or, take for example the “status quo” of running a job.

Most companies will ask you your budget and then run the estimate and the job to match those numbers. They know they can simply cut corners to pad their profits later.

We challenge the status quo by refusing to play pricing games. We match your NEEDS to your budget and run our business to make sure your needs are met…PERIOD.

It’s called respect and it’s why we will always treat you like family, because relationships are more important than profits. At Juranek Home Improvement, treating people right is paramount.

From never using high pressure sales, to never cutting corners, to paying attention to even the most painstaking of details… from start to finish we challenge the status quo by keeping in mind one thing - your total and complete satisfaction.

After All, It’s Your Home, It’s Your Money And It's Your Family’s Safety We Are Talking About Here…

Don’t trust them to just anyone.

If we sound like a company that you would like to do business with, give us a call.

We would love to get to know you.

At Juranek Home Improvement, we want you comfortable with us, your project, the cost and the completion date!

Ask us your questions - let us help you have piece of mind with Juranek Home Improvement.

We are conveniently located right in the heart of Sioux Falls, SD

6001 North Cliff Ave., Ste B

Please Contact Us or call us at 605-339-4700