Shindler Replacement Windows

Some home improvements are a smarter investment than others. If your home has outdated windows, quality Shindler replacements windows from Juranek Home Improvements will start paying you back right away in the form of lower heating and cooling bills.

A typical homeowner can save nearly $500 a year when updating from single-pane windows. When you consider the extreme winter weather we experience in this part of the country, it's easy to imagine that the savings could be even higher. Since 1976, we've installed a large selection of high-performance windows including:

  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Casement Windows

Cost-Effective Double-Hung Window Replacement

We install windows made from Ultrex—a material that is far more durable than vinyl and other typically used materials.  The windows also meet ENERGY STAR guidelines and are tested in extreme climates for maximum performance. Of course, the performance of the windows is only as good as the quality of the installation, and our highly trained, certified window installers provide a flawless finish for your window replacement project.

Stylish Awning Windows

Enjoy the breeze even when it's raining when you choose awning windows. These windows are hinged at the top and swing away from your home to open thus preventing the rain from entering your home. Higher wall placement is a feature that appeals to homeowners who want to maintain their privacy while still enjoying lots of natural light.

Versatile Bay Windows

For both interior charm and enhanced curb appeal, it's hard to beat a beautiful bay window from Juranek Home Improvements. Your bay window will be the focal point of any room, and provides a spot to install a cozy window seat or to ensure your houseplants enjoy plenty of sunlight!

Custom Bow Windows

A bow window will flood your room with natural light, boost your curb appeal, and add value to your Shindler home. These custom-designed windows can be installed with any combination of fixed and operational windows. No matter what kind of windows you choose, you'll know that the Low-E coating and other features will ensure superior energy efficiency.

Secure Casement Windows

Swing your casement windows open and enjoy wide open views and more fresh air. This window replacement option opens wider than other window styles, yet it seals more tightly when closed. The sash presses against the frame when the window is shut, so there is an airtight seal. Our window installers work efficiently to get the job done quickly, but they never compromise on quality, so you can count on superior workmanship.

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