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Sioux Falls Insulated Vinyl Siding

When your home is a little too hot for comfort in the summer and too chilly in the winter, insulated vinyl siding may provide the extra insulation needed. All modern homes are built with insulation in the walls, which does a great job of keeping the inside temperate year-round. However, this insulation doesn't cover nail holes, minor defects, and potential leaks around the windows that allow unwanted heat loss. Juranek Home Improvements can install a protective layer of insulated vinyl siding around the exterior of your property. A durable shield against the elements, this siding will also cover those small areas where heat transfer can occur.

Impact-Resistant Replacement Insulated Vinyl Siding

At Juraneks, we use Mastic by PlyGem for most of our replacement insulated vinyl siding needs. Their Structure line features a high-quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam that is permanently bonded to a vinyl exterior. Up to 1 1/4" thick in some sections, this foam provides a strong barrier against heat loss, and stands up to impacts well. Your insulated siding will resist dents and cracking from storm debris or the odd fly ball.

When you pick Juraneks as your insulated vinyl siding installers, you'll also receive:

  • A limited lifetime warranty.
  • A wind rating up to 190 m.p.h.
  • Breathable, mold- and mildew-resistant foam.
  • Many style and color options.
  • Full design support.
  • Flexible financing options.

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