A sunroom is a perfect space to enjoy the beauty of nature without any outdoor discomforts. Before you start planning for this project, however, it’s important to understand the different kinds of sunrooms. There are two main types: 4-Season and 3-Season. Juranek Home Improvement Company, the expert in sunrooms, discusses them today:

Choosing the Best Sunroom for Your Home

3-Season Sunroom

The differences between sunrooms are usually in certain parts, like the  insulation, windows and HVAC unit. A 3-Season sunroom does have insulation, but it is significantly lower than that of the 4-Season model. You can extend its usability through winter, though, by adding insulation to the walls, roof and floor. 3-Season sunrooms usually have single-paned windows that offer great views but minimal energy efficiency. To create a comfortable environment in winter or summer, your HVAC units would have to use more energy.

Additionally, while you can use heating appliances to regulate the temperature in your sunroom during chilly evenings, you won’t be able to do so during winter, as there is not enough insulation to keep the heat in.

4-Season Sunroom

The name 4-Season, on the other hand, suggests that this sunroom is ideal for use all year round. Which is why at Juranek Home Improvement Company, we only install this type of sunroom. After all, you don’t want to invest in something you can enjoy only three-quarters of the year. Unlike 3-Season sunrooms, our 4-Season sunrooms are equipped with units featuring high-performance glass and excellent SPF protection for maximum energy efficiency and protection.

Our 4-Season sunroom also has a durable glass roof that provides thermal protection and insulation as well as a Prime Entry door for increased weatherability. To preserve the beauty of your investment, we also install an indestructible interior and exterior polymer surface that can resist scratching, fading, chalking and denting. All these are protected with a transferable lifetime warranty.

Turn to Juranek Home Improvement Company for a quality sunroom for your home. We also offer other home improvement projects like bathroom remodeling and siding replacement. Call us today at (605) 956-4100 to schedule a consultation. We’ll even give you a free quote. We serve Sioux Falls and nearby SD communities.