The windows in your sunroom are a very important feature because, depending on the design, they make up about 75% of the entire room. To make sure you choose the best type of windows, there are three key factors to consider: your energy-efficiency needs, the windows’ operation and the material the windows are made of. Juranek Home Improvement Company, the top bathroom remodeling contractor, explains more:

How to Choose the Best Windows for a Sunroom

Energy Efficiency

Standard windows feature dual-pane glass coated with a low-emissivity finish that blocks heat during summer and keeps it in during winter. These are twice as energy-efficient as single pane units that were popular years ago, but there are still more efficient options. You can get triple pane models with insulating argon gas for superior energy efficiency, but because these cost more, we recommend investing in them only if you live in an area with an unforgiving climate.


There are four window types you should know about: fixed, slider, double-hung, and casement. The first one does not open, making it ideal for solarium-style sunrooms, or those where the walls are made of glass. Slider and double-hung windows both have two operable sashes that allow an ample amount of fresh air indoors. Casement windows, on the other hand, crank open fully to the side, making them the most energy-efficient unit. Regardless of the style you choose, be sure you turn to a professional like us for flawless window installation.


The framing material of your windows will affect its appearance, maintenance needs and efficiency, so consider each option carefully. Vinyl is fairly low-maintenance, affordable and versatile. It might look out of place in an upscale home, though. Meanwhile, wood may offer a traditional, high-end look but it also requires more maintenance than vinyl. Clad windows are wood-framed models with a vinyl coat for improved durability and less need for upkeep.

Make the most of your sunrooms with the right window choice from Juranek Home Improvement Company. If you’re still unsure of the unit you want, our expert team can provide ideal suggestions. Call us at (605) 956-4100 to learn more. We’ll even give you a free quote. We serve Sioux Falls and nearby SD communities.