The cold snow and sparkling icicles of winter make the outdoors an inviting wonderland, but they also bring numerous problems for your home, especially for its exterior. Avoid spending the cold season handling winter-related concerns and ensure that your home’s beauty and protection stay intact all year round with these tips from Juranek Home Improvement, the home improvement expert.

Keep Paths Clear

Too much snow blocking your walkways and driveways is a safety hazard. Keep your property’s curb appeal intact by having some pet- and plant-safe ice melt handy to help provide traction on stairs and slippery areas. We also recommend flagging the edges of your driveway to help you know where to stop shoveling. Alternatively, you can hire a service to clear the snow if you plan to be away during winter.

Keep an Eye on The Trees

Heavy amounts of snowfall tend to settle on tree limbs, making them more prone to breaking and falling. This can cause major physical and water damage to your exterior, especially if the tree is near your home. Ensure the protection of your home’s siding and other exterior elements by easing the burden on your trees. Simply brush off the snow after every snowfall. Avoid shaking the trees, however, as this can cause the brittle branches to break. Instead, use a broom to extend your reach.

Keep Gutters Clean

Your gutters affect your home’s beauty and comfort more than you think. Clogged gutters block water from flowing freely from your roof to the ground. Backed-up water can cause leaks and ice dams, and when the ice melts it can also cause water damage to your roofing system and siding. You can avoid this by keeping your gutter system free from leaves, pine needles  and other debris.

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