Interior design is mostly art, but a lot of science also goes into it. Beautiful homes can appeal to the heart only if they capture the mind. How can you do that? Juranek Home Improvement suggests focusing on these three things:

 Interior Design Principles


Well-designed indoor spaces and sunrooms comprise elements that coexist in harmony, and don’t overwhelm the eye. Your interior might be bountiful in details, but it should have just one, clear focal point – the feature that automatically draws attention.

Based on how you want to use the room, it should be equipped with stylish, serviceable and properly sized pieces of furniture. Their presence might do more harm than good without sound arrangement. Where you place them would define your space’s layout, shaping traffic patterns, providing access and allowing convenient movement.

Further, sufficient illumination matters not just for aesthetics, but also for visual performance. Be it direct or indirect, the available light will make performing tasks hard when it isn’t right. This is why you need to plan your window installation intelligently, and place lighting fixtures cleverly to make your room work.


Every room serves a unique purpose, which is why it should evoke the kind of feeling appropriate to its job. For instance, the dining area should be energizing and appetite-enhancing, while the bath ought to be soothing.

Regardless of the mood you want to create for a certain room, what’s important is using colors, textures, and even patterns correctly. These visual elements (and combinations of them) produce different psychological effects. Understand how they affect perception and emotion before making a decision.


Although each corner of your home is rightfully distinctive, you should put your personal touch across the board. For example, pick accessories that represent who you are when tackling your bathroom remodeling project. This way, your space can become an extension of your personality.

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