home with deck

Building a deck onto your home is a wonderful way to increase property value and your quality of life. Of course, you'll find that there are many options for styles and materials with every deck installation. Perhaps one of the most popular options is a wood deck. It is beautiful, easy to work with, and readily available. Of course, there are also drawbacks of using different woods.

Different Options for Custom Decks

At Juranek Home Improvement, we work primarily with UglyDecks systems, which are made from composite and PVC materials. These products are long-lasting and resist rotting, splitting, and the elements.

If you prefer wood for your deck, you'll find that there are many exotic hardwoods available. You might want the strength of Ipe, one of the hardest woods in the world, or the deep red color of Cambara wood. On the American West Coast, you'll often see Cedar used for building projects thanks to its natural weather and insect resistance. On the East Coast, most homeowners opt for pressure treated pine wood for its affordability and availability.

The Pros of Wood Decking

Wood is still a very common choice for outdoor decks for many reasons. Each type of wood is slightly different, but they all share the same appeal. For instance, you can:

  • Save money using wood over composite or plastic lumber
  • Source wood planks from multiple vendors or in large quantities
  • Create custom decks more easily, rather than relying on a pre-designed product
  • Enjoy the natural look of wood grain and color with a light stain
  • Feel more comfortable on warm days as wood absorbs less heat than composites

The Cons of Wood Decking

Not everything is perfect when it comes to using wood planks and lumber for your deck. There are also drawbacks to using wood that homeowners may not want to deal with during construction and in the long-term. For instance, your wood deck:

  • Requires increased maintenance and sealing every other year
  • Costs nearly as much as a composite deck when certain exotic woods are used
  • Splits and cracks when exposed to excess moisture, with age, or when not properly treated
  • Can draw insects, like termites, that love to eat wood and live in it
  • Has a shorter lifespan (15 years) compared to a composite deck (30 years)

If you are still researching different materials for your deck, consider reaching out to Juranek Home Improvement about a free consultation. One of our decking experts can go over the benefits of using composite over wood for your outdoor living space. We'll also be happy to provide a complimentary cost estimate for deck installation in Sioux Falls.