Sunrooms provide numerous benefits to homeowners. With summer around the corner, it allows you to enjoy the sun without having to deal with bugs, heavy winds, and rain. At Juranek Home Improvement Company, we understand that sunrooms are an important investment, so today we explain how you can achieve highly functional and beautiful spaces.

Beautiful Sunroom

Turn it Into an Entertainment Zone

Depending on the position of your sunroom, you can turn it into a quality family recreation room. If it isn’t directly hit by the elements, you can install indoor-only items like lamps, TVs, and stereos. These additions can help you maximize your sunroom’s function during the daytime. Complement the view with neutral colors and accents to bring focus to nature and entertainment.

Use Windows as Wall Space

If your sunroom has entryways or windows that are rarely used, don’t let them sit around doing nothing, instead, use them as extra wall space.  You can hang artwork or place a sofa underneath. Worried about the heat? You can turn to us for energy-efficient window installation.

Be Creative with the Corners

Your sunroom’s corners may not be used to as much as you’d like to, and that is a waste of valuable space. Instead of placing a chair and table in the corner, why not transform it into a comfortable daybed? You can choose to add a stand-alone corner bench so you can adjust its position. Place cushions and various decorative pillows to make the area look more inviting. You can even convert its entire body into a cabinet, with the storage space hidden underneath the cushions, to maximize their function.

Juranek Home Improvement Company can help you with your home improvement needs. From sunroom additions to bathroom remodeling, you can trust our professional team. Interested in a sunroom for your home? Call us at (605) 339-4700 and we’ll offer you a free quote.