Whether you’re investing in a new sunroom or simply looking to improve the one you already have, energy efficiency is something you should focus on. Juranek Home Improvement, the expert in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, shares three ways to do so:

Ways To Improve Your Sunroom’s Efficiency

Maximize Insulation

The best way to ensure your sunroom’s energy efficiency is to start with a great design. Choose one that’s easy to insulate like one with a ceiling and roof instead of floor-to-ceiling panels. If you already have a sunroom, however, we recommend working with our professional team to determine the level, quality, and type of insulation that the design allows.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Since your sunroom will likely be in an area with abundant sunlight, you might experience a rise in energy bills during summer because of the excess heat. You can avoid this by investing in ENERGY STAR®-qualified windows. Look for units with low U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). These ratings indicate the window’s ability to retain or lose heat and the amount of solar radiation absorbed by the glass, respectively. Ensure maximum efficiency by hiring an experienced contractor for a flawless window installation.

Invest In Sunroom Retrofits

With the sudden drop in temperatures during winter, it’s not uncommon for your sunroom to be freezing cold, losing its appeal. Remedy this by investing in a better, more energy-efficient glass option for your windows. If you can’t afford a replacement right now, you can also improve the energy efficiency of the space by sealing up the leaks in your window frames. Adding a window tint or covering is also a great way to keep radiant energy inside and keep the cold out.

Make the most of your sunrooms even in winter with these expert tips. Turn to Juranek Home Improvement for more home improvement solutions. We offer a wide range of services that can help you create a more appealing and comfortable home. We serve Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas in SD. Call us at (605) 339-4700 to learn more about sunrooms or our other services.