Planning to invest in a sunroom but worried about its effect on your energy expenses? Perhaps you already have one, but don’t use it as often as you’d like because it’s either too cold, too hot or too drafty. Juranek Home Improvement, the area's leading general contractor, shares tips to help you improve the efficiency of new and existing sunrooms

Maximize Insulation

If you’re designing a new sunroom, we recommend creating one that’s easy to insulate. For instance, a sunroom with an actual roof and ceiling will be more efficient than a structure with floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Working with an experienced contractor like us can help you determine the type and level of insulation that your design allows. Ideally, the space above your ceiling and below the floor should both be insulated for maximum efficiency.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Glass

Sunrooms can be extremely hot in summer and very cold in winter. Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix this. By choosing energy-efficient glass for the windows in your sunroom, you can significantly increase its energy efficiency and its comfort. Just make sure you turn to Juranek Home Improvement for a professional window installation. After all, poorly installed windows, regardless of energy efficiency, won’t be able to provide their best performance.

Build in a Prime Location

Build your sunroom in an area that’s well-shaded in the summer but still allows enough sun in the winter to make it energy-efficient. If you have trees on the property, we recommend setting your new sunroom there. Alternatively, you can plant a few deciduous trees around your sunroom once construction is complete to provide shade and improve its appearance.

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