Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects because of its high return on investment and the expected quality of life improvement after all the work is done. Many homeowners, however, make crucial mistakes before and during the project, keeping them from getting their desired results. Juranek Home Improvements shares some of these common mistakes so you know what to avoid when it's your turn to remodel your bathroom.

Taking the DIY approach

A lot of homeowners think they can handle their own bathroom remodeling projects without help from pros, so they opt to "save" by making the changes on their own. However, bathroom remodeling projects require the skills, experience, and equipment that only the pros have. DIY projects often lead to poor results, often warranting a redo which inevitably costs more than if they called the pros in the first place.

Not Planning Ahead

Many homeowners tend to come up with new bathroom ideas after the project has already started. Some will settle for new counters, while others will even add holes in their wall to make way for window installation. While these additions are generally nice for a bathroom, you can't expect good results if they were just installed on a whim. You need to remodel your bathroom with a clear purpose throughout the entire project.

Adding Too Much

Bathroom remodeling is supposed to enhance the room, not just bombard it w ith new features. Sadly, many homeowners assume the latter is true. They add bigger sinks, bigger bathtubs, several mirrors and counters, and other bathroom items and they end up with a very cramped room. Prioritize space and the basics and you'll have a better bathroom.

No Lighting and Ventilation

Privacy may be a big priority when it comes to bathroom remodeling, but that doesn't mean you have to end up in a dank, dark room. Some homeowners forget the importance of adequate lighting and ventilation, which prevents mold and keeps the air from being stale. Installing adequate ventilation will keep the bathroom well-lit and dry without compromising privacy.

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