outside view of a sunroom by juranek home improvement

Winter is a time when many homeowners are chased from the beautiful, bright space that is their sunroom. If you don't have an all-season sunroom, the cold weather can make spending time in this area of the home a little uncomfortable.

But all is not lost!

There are ways you can make the most of your sunroom addition during those Sioux Falls winters. Just let the experts at Juranek Home Improvements give you a few tips to improve your comfort while taking in the views.

Make Generous Use of Household Fabrics and Coverings

Decorate your sunroom with cushy floor rugs to add an extra layer of insulation and keep your feet warmer. Hang thermal insulated curtains to retain some heat in the room at night and on cloudy days. You might also want to add a few pillows and throw blankets to the chairs and couch.

Change the Ceiling Fan Settings

Most ceiling fans have a small switch on the base that changes the direction that the blades turn. In winter, adjust the fan setting so that it turns in a clockwise direction at low speeds. This will push warm air near the ceiling down and encourage better circulation in the room.

Winterize your Windows Before the Cold Weather Hits

You can also apply plastic sheeting over the windows to create a buffer of air between the glass and room for insulation. Plastic sheets large enough for your sunroom windows are readily available in-home winterization kits at the hardware store.

Bring a Small Heater into the Sunroom

If your sunroom addition is well-insulated it should retain the warmth from a small room heater well. There are plenty of options to choose from for heating a sunroom, but an electric heater is probably the safest choice. Plus, you can find electric fireplaces that look attractive while also heating the room.

Better yet, you can hire a professional sunroom installer to upgrade your existing space. Juranek Home Improvements can easily give you and upgrade with a four-season sunroom that boasts energy efficient glass, added insulation, and built-in heating and cooling options.

Find out more about our sunroom options during a free home consultation with no-obligation price estimate. Just give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started right away.